Meet your team...

Danielle Bailey

Owner, Coordinator

Danielle moved to Martha's Vineyard in the summer of 2000 from Minnesota and spent 15 years on the beautiful island. Her knowledge, expertise and love of the Vineyard is what makes her great at what she does.

She started in the wedding business by chance during the summer of 2004 delivering welcome bags. The next thing you knew a caterer asked her if she would be a Day of Coordinator for a wedding she had. Suddenly, Danielle had booked 2-3 weddings a year while still doing her full time job. Then in 2012, as the popularity of Martha's Vineyard as a Destination Wedding location increased, she decided to take her business to the next level. She increased her business to 5-9 weddings a year and in 2014 was even asked to join an off island coordinator for two on island weddings. In 2015 she was asked to help with the Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust put on 2 of their biggest events of the spring season, Taste of the Vineyard. It was an honor and so much fun.

Danielle has worked in Retail and Restaurant management since the age of 15 and most recently on the Vineyard, she was the owner of Kiddo's, a children's store from 2006-2011. After Kiddo's, she was asked back to Coldwell Banker Landmarks Real Estate, where she previously was an office manager from 2004-2006 and joined the rental department as a rental agent from 2011-2014. In spring of 2014, Danielle joined the Vineyard Vines management team in Edgartown, and has had a great time getting back to her retail roots. Late fall after her 3 weddings in 2015, she made the big move back to the Midwest with Vineyard Vines and joined the Chicago Team.

When Danielle is not working on your wedding, you may find her at the beach relaxing, roller blading on one of the bike trails along Lake Shore Drive, or just hanging out with her family that she has missed so much over the years.

Her love of Martha's Vineyard, her excitement to be back in the Midwest again in the Windy City and her dedication to her clients, make having her as your Coordinator a perfect fit.

Now Meet....

Sandy Burt

Assistant Coordinator

Sandy is joined Danielle in 2012 when she decided to take her wedding business the next level. Danielle realized in order to to grow and provide the best in service; she needed to add an assistant. Sandy and Danielle have worked together in the past, and seemed like the perfect fit. Danielle often describes Sandy as her "MacGyver" of the team. She can make a leaf a boutonniere, a electrical issue not one, and always seems to resolve something before it even becomes a problem.

When she is not Danielle's right hand, and sometimes even left, she is CEO, CFO and any other titles you want to add to her busy family of four, her irrigation business she shares with her husband Patrick and when time allows working out to numerous classes at the YMCA or any outdoor activity the island provides.

Danielle and her assistant, Sandy look forward to working with you and making your wedding day one you will never forget.

-Danielle Bailey